Hosted Applications
Let The Cloud Do The Heavy Lifting


RCCs Team of IT and Programming professionals provide innovative software solutions on Web and Mobile platforms for business professionals. Our team has experience in,

  • Web based solutions – large format display for data solutions with complex data.
  • Mobile applications – IOS and Android.
  • Custom integrations for ERP and CRM.
  • Solutions for eCommerce and eLearning.

Work the way you want to work, not the way your software makes you work. Many commercial software packages provide APIs that allow programmers to access and update data. Creating systems that can be lightning quick and simple to use, for specific tasks.

Compared to commercially available software, custom software can be built to address a narrow set of requirements and perform those requirements very well. Providing excellent efficiency and dramatically improving access to information. Custom software solutions allow companies to save time and money.


  • Document Management and Retrieval – specific to individual business needs.
  • Project Status data – including real time data from crew in the field.
  • Customer Dossier Creation – obtain reports of customer data merged from many sources to empower customer interaction by understanding all touches.
  • Graphical Dashboards – visual graphs, charts, etc. of data that can improve Quality, Response Time, and motivate staff.
  • Unified Team Collaboration – provide what teams need to save time.
  • ERP solutions for Resource Monitoring – identify waste in your organization make decisions to reduce it.
  • Business Culture – reinforce your company’s Core Values and Vision via unified messaging.


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This particular client is in the medical field (visiting physicians) and was spending a lot of time and money handling paperwork, much of it Faxes. RCC created a system that allowed his Faxes to be digitized into PDFs, yet still allow the needed editing and signing features.

This saved the client countless hours of scanning, re-Faxing, the cost of the ink & paper he was going through and allowed the business to focus on their growth. This led to more modules created by RCC to increase the business’ efficiency and lower costs. These modules include an intricate scheduling & routing system for the recurring visits each of the doctors make every day, as well as a system for his vendors to submit paperwork and patients through his portal instead of his staff having to do all the paperwork, again increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

The benefits of these projects have been of such value that our work with this client continues to this day as we continue to provide value and savings to the business.

Medical software modules by RCC



An accounting firm was spending half of their Saturdays reconciling the weeks jobs and commissions on a spreadsheet that was getting more unruly and time consuming as it grew.

RCC devised a system where the front desk employees at each of their four locations now input all the data in real time as jobs get scheduled and paid. Now with a click of a few buttons, billing, commissions and reconciliation reports are run in a matter of minutes, making the business more profitable, saving time and money.

Comission calculating software for accountants