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RCC Business IT: Security Assessments

Security Assessments Provided by RCC Business IT

Is your company getting or performing security assessments? At RCC, we have a system where we learn about your business and then look at alignment with the best practices and standards applicable to your company’s needs.

RCC performs risk interviews on current user policies, on-site collection of data relating to firewalls, network security features, BDR systems, and remote access pathways to deliver an executive summary comprised of your business standards and feedback on initiatives to pursue and achieve your business technology goals.

RCC will provide a gap analysis indicating what components of your security are the most effective and resolving areas in need of additional protection. One of the key objectives of a gap analysis is a comprehensive image of your current information security landscape, providing priority zones for maximum advantages.  Therefore, our centralized services can shift the focus to the areas of your security that require the most attention from our team.

This security assessment is free to current MSP clients, so talk to our experts today and get on track with world-class IT systems management.

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