IT AUDIT/Consultation

Is your IT infrastructure safe, and performing well?

Find out by getting your FREE RCC IT Audit and Report.

Our IT Consultation and Report includes the following:

  • Review the following key elements for effectiveness and configuration:
    • Backup & Disaster Recovery (BDR) system.
    • Anti-Virus and any other threat protection software.
    • Firewall/Router inbound configuration.
    • Network infrastructure.
    • Primary UPS suitability and age.
  • Review your server logs to uncover pending system issues, security breaches, failed intrusion attempts, etc.
  • Review your user authentication schema for an available audit trail in the event of a breach.
  • Answer any questions you may have about your network including hardware upgrades, performance, or security implementation.
  • Provide a report of the findings from the IT Audit.

This IT Audit is completely FREE with no obligation. Businesses have an opportunity to have secure systems that run at very high levels of performance. All too often that is not the case and businesses can suffer loses in many areas by not knowing where they stand. We feel that by demonstrating World Class IT and IT Security Consultations there is a good chance we may do business together.

Avoid Security Threats, Down Time, and More with Engineered Computer Solutions from RCC Business IT

This IT consultation is a great way to find security threats, flaws, or general maintenance work that needs to be handled – the best part is we may find nothing. Either way, you will be empowered to act on the information we provide. If we find any issues in the IT Audit, we will be 100% prepared to address any issues that may come up. Whether it be beefing up your IT Security, engineering solutions for short term or long term IT projects or becoming your managed services provider for long term Professional IT Services, RCC Business IT can offer solutions for all your business needs.


To take advantage of your FREE IT Audit with RCC Business IT, fill out the form to the right or give us a call at 888.228.8101 and an experienced computer expert will reach out to you.


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Customer Testimonials

We recently suffered catastrophic server failure. Knowing that every hour of a business day without our data system leaves our company is at a complete standstill, RCC Business IT immediately responded to the situation. They worked through the evening into the early morning hours restoring our server without any data loss. We were up and running within one business day. We have been a customer for nearly 10 years, and will continue to use their services confidently.

Jenny V.

Once again, RCC Business IT comes to our rescue. Our battery backup was beeping and they were here before the end of the day to install two new batteries. It is so nice to know that in our business, especially during tax season, we can depend on you to be here whenever needed. We have been customers since 2003 and would highly recommend RCC Business IT. Thank You RCC Business IT Team

Donna A.

Working with the staff at RCC Business IT has made our network more reliable & efficient. RCC's staff was most helpful in deploying our server and addressing any needs associated with the set-up and training. Job well done!!

Lauren K.

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