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Network Solutions for the Construction Industry

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Integrated IT Solutions from RCC Business IT

RCC Business IT manages the electronic systems of clients in the home building industry. We have the experience and expert staff to make the transition to working with our company a quick and affordable one. We know that your employees require multiple means of communication. Our technicians can set up and cable your office to run on multiple PC's to accommodate for the number of employees you house. We can also integrate multiple fax machines, video conferencing systems, phones, printers, and other needed devices.

New construction home builders often require the setup and use of a temporary mobile office in display homes or at other locations. RCC Business IT can aid you in your mobile office setup and make sure your system is usable in multiple locations and scenarios.

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Wireless Security for Safe Remote Access

Another area that might save you time and money is our Managed Services (MSP) which can improve your office communication by making sure your email software is up to date. The speed at which your employees respond to potential clients and buyers is a crucial part of maintaining good business.  RCC can even monitor bugs, malware, viruses, and future problems so we can begin working on the error before it occurs.

Data security, email software, communication solutions, office mobility, and MSP are just a few areas RCC Business IT specializes in.

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