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One of the main concerns in the accounting industry is data security. You are responsible for protecting a client's most valuable information. With the right IT company, you can be sure that your client's social security numbers, tax information, yearly earnings, and contact information remain locked down. RCC Business IT has been specializing in data security for the past twenty years.


RCC Business IT also specializes in cloud storage which makes it easier for employees and co-workers to access public and private information over a secure office network.

One more thing, need a conference room? Our technicians can set up multiple conference rooms for phone and video meetings. We can also install multiple PC's, phone lines, fax machines, and printers to accommodate for the number of employees at your company. 

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You want to make sure that your business is being proactive with your technology updates. RCC Business IT's managed services can ensure that you are at the top of your game. We have the expertise to monitor for bugs and viruses in your software and communication systems before they happen. If you are hit with a virus or a network security breach, you will suffer little to no downtime. RCC will make sure your software is getting the updates it needs 24/7! 

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