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We recently suffered catastrophic server failure. Knowing that every hour of a business day without our data system leaves our company is at a complete standstill, RCC Business IT immediately responded to the situation. They worked through the evening into the early morning hours restoring our server without any data loss. We were up and running within one business day. We have been a customer for nearly 10 years, and will continue to use their services confidently.


Appointment made easily, arrival on time, work order detailed, efficient and in reasonable time frame, very respectful, and left no mess. All systems go on my new computer installed. The RCC team did a marvelous job. I recommend RCC to all my friends. Linda

Linda Eaton Brenizer

The RCC Technician was awesome! Fixed all of the problems I've had for months :)


RCC Business IT did an outstanding job setting up the remote workplace capability for our business. Whenever I need them they respond quickly and professionally. Thanks RCC Business IT!


Dependable, precise, friendly. Very knowledgeable staff. Will work with any situation. Northend Tax & Accounting Service has relied on them for over 15 years!


RCC Business IT was very helpful and remained very calm in helping me solve my difficulties - even dealing with a non-savvy computer person.


I had my laptop go "Blue Screen" and in two days RCC had called me to stop in and review the configuration of my new comuter and verify that everything is exactly how I had it. Thanks for taking care of me RCC! Everything works great.


My PC contracted a virus at noon on Friday. I contacted RCC Business IT Support immediately. They explained to me the situation and sent someone out that afternoon to take the machine to their office. When I arrived at the office on Monday morning their technician had already set my PC up and was testing it. I was up and working exactly as I had prior to contracting that virus. Thanks!


I have to say that I am so impressed with the instant and professional service we receive at Northend Tax & Accounting from RCC Business IT. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable. Our entire system is backed up daily and anytime we have any software or hardware issues, they are here at the drop of a hat. Thank you to all of you!


I asked them to set up a web site for my office. The work, creative input & service has been outstanding. I would highly recommend them. Not to mention they routinely fix my various computers as I routinely break them :)


We’ve been working with the staff at RCC Business IT for over five years now. We find them to be more than competent and fair in their dealings with us – maintenance, repairs and building of our website. They are very knowledgeable in their craft, very creative, and always on the cutting edge of technology. Steve and his staff always go above and beyond.


They stay to the grindstone until the issue is resolved. Customer Service is excellent, friendly and geared towards one's specific needs with explanations. Will continue to use ...


Recently we had a major server failure and we called RCC Business IT. I was amazed at the timely response. They had our server back up and running in a very reasonable amount of time. We appreciate their promptness in getting us back live.

Elena T.

Once again, RCC Business IT comes to our rescue. Our battery backup was beeping and they were here before the end of the day to install two new batteries. It is so nice to know that in our business, especially during tax season, we can depend on you to be here whenever needed. We have been customers since 2003 and would highly recommend RCC Business IT. Thank You RCC Business IT Team


It is so refreshing to work with people who are honest, caring and NEVER say "No, we can't do that!


They did a great job of guiding me in the direction that was the best for what we needed for our business. They are fast, friendly, and were able to 'dumb it down' for this non-techy gal. I would recommend them highly!


RCC Business IT provides monthly service and tech support for the company. Communication and customer service is top notch. Office staff is also friendly and always provides service with a smile!


Excellent business for all of our computer needs. What a relief to not have to worry about anything because of the MSP. Thank you RCC


RCC Business IT drove a very far distance to help me out at my office in Ypsilanti. They arrived on time, and took care of what I needed, patient through all of my silly questions. My wireless printer and scanner finally works! They also didn't forget about me when I later forgot to send in a request to fix the printer/scanner at another of my office locations. Thanks so much.


I've known the crew at RCC Business IT since 2007. There has never been a time that they could not do anything I have asked. They have gone above and beyond my expectations on every task!


RCC Business IT Technicians did a real nice job on our cabling project. We were very pleased with their efforts, and workmanship. You could tell they were taking care to do things right and worked to impact us as little as possible during transitions.


RCC Business IT is very efficient in keeping in touch and really working with their customers. They are also very patient. I greatly appreciate the service they have provided in our time working together. I would definitely recommend them to a friend or family member. Thanks!


We have used RCC Business IT now twice and have been pleasantly surprised at their handling of our computer problems. The technician came to our home and made it look easy in restoring our system. He was friendly and worked his magic for us.

Joe and Jeannine

With our old setup, a large financial report was taking 15 minutes. After RCC Business IT tuned up our system, we could run the same report in less than a minute.


Thank you so much for your Service! You did a great job and I think its awesome on your response time; everything is downloaded, install completed and running smoothly. The Techs were great in establishing the problem, got it resolved efficiently and cordially. Again, thank you so much!!!


RCC Business IT rearranged their schedule in order to get someone to our shop immediately. The machine was up and running within an hour.


Working with the staff at RCC Business IT has made our network more reliable & efficient. RCC's staff was most helpful in deploying our server and addressing any needs associated with the set-up and training. Job well done!!


Our company has used RCC Business IT for years. Although we are a very small company, they have always responded quickly, and fixed whatever the problems were that we had. They are courteous, knowledgeable, and efficient. I have also had them work on my home computers, and again extremely helpful. Would highly recommend them.


My laptop died recently and as a result, I could not retrieve my data files from the hard drive. I took the laptop to RCC Business IT and in less than 24 hours my data files were retrieved and copied to a CD for my use. Great service!


We received excellent service from this company. They provided a quick turn-around time and excellent results. We have a Mac laptop, and I am glad to know we can count on their expertise.


As a small non-profit, we need an up-to-date, secure and reliable computer system. Everyone we dealt with at RCC Business IT was knowledgeable, patient, friendly, and professional. It is great knowing you are out there, ready to help us with whatever we need!

Micaela Boomer

RCC Business IT has been a reliable and affordable source for both my wifes desk top and also my laptop repairs the last 15 years.Most recently I required an additional 1gb of ram installed on my laptop in a timely manner.I also have recommended their services to my neighbors as well as friends.


We are very happy with how fast RCC Business IT was able to be onsite and help us with our network issues. The RCC staff was very polite and very forward with how the process was going to happen. We thank you for your prompt, efficient and affordable service. We will be glad to refer you to others.


I have been very pleased with the work done on our computer at RCC Business IT. I have taken it in 2X now for various and different problems. The technicians have been very patient with me and gone out of their way to help me, and to explain the problems as well as the fixes for me. The computer was serviced in a timely manner, which helped with the frustration of being without it. Wanted to hug them!


I have been working with RCC Business IT for about 5 years if not longer. No matter what type of problem that I had they always resolved the issues. From building new computers to working on computers bought from other places, RCC Business IT has always been there for me. The staff is wonderful to work with,they are great. I would highly recommend them.


RCC Business IT has helped me out numerous times with computer problems I have had and every single time they provide great, friendly service. From the very first phone call to the completed job, RCC Business IT employees were easy to work with! I would recommend them to anyone who has computer problems or website questions!


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