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Last Updated: 3/4/2020

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The global economy is taking a hit right now due to the presence of an unprecedented virus.  The coronavirus is causing global giants such as Apple, McDonald's, and Hyundai Motors to close their doors for fear of contagion and thus causing a loss of business—harshly impacting their bottom line for Quarter 1 of the new year.  This disruption of continuity not only impacts production and the supply chain but reaches farther into creating uncertainty both internally (employees) as well as externally (clients).  This uncertainty then, in turn, has customers and businesses looking elsewhere to ensure that their business continues to run efficiently.

The coronavirus is spreading through mutual contact within a designated area, and while lying dormant in the host, can transfer onto an unsuspecting individual and so on through replication.  

Correlation to Business Network Risks
The same can be said of the way computer viruses infect businesses.  The virus lays dormant in an SMB for roughly 800 days, spreading deeper into the network and infecting more data and users the further the time frame spreads (TechRepublic).  Once activated, the virus can encrypt data, applications, and workstations to the point where the business cannot operate efficiently. Without proactive monitoring of these threats and having the right contingency plans in place, your business is vulnerable to this crippling infection, disrupting your bottom line and your peace of mind. 

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