Why Adopt a Comprehensive Backup and BCDR Strategy?

Published: 2022-11-03 in General

It is not easy being a business owner. As the heart and soul of your business, you must analyze and solve problems every day. This requires being able to foresee potential issues before they happen and having plans in place to ensure everyone is prepared.

To avoid catastrophe, one must always be prepared for the worst. This includes protecting your data in the event of business disruption, data loss and data corruption.

The numbers speak for themselves as to why this should be at the top of your priority list.

  •   For small and medium sized businesses, downtime costs could be as high as $50,000 per hour, according to TechRadar.
  •   Significant customer loss is expected following the event of a severe data loss or business disruption incident. IDC Report has calculated this could include a third of all clients. 

There are many reasons business disruption, data loss and data corruption can happen. This can include natural disasters, human error, failure of hardware, software corruption, and infected computers.

Due to interruptions often being unexpected, it is important for any responsible business owner to have a plan in place. This means preparing the business on how to work through the issue developing a backup strategy, and a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plan to ensure the business can seamlessly pick back up and run smoothly after the unexpected event. 

What Is a Comprehensive Backup and BCDR Strategy?

A Comprehensive Backup and BCDR strategy utilize multiple tools and technologies to ensure a business is up and running well and at optimal speeds, along with enhancing cyber security. Below is an example of a Comprehensive Backup and BCDR Strategy:

Protects All Devices, Systems and Workloads
It can be a challenge to manage all the necessary backup and recovery devices, systems, and workloads effectively across your business. System errors can happen at any time and can create detrimental consequences like severe downtime and data loss. Because of this risk, it is critical to have solutions in place that protect your valuable data along with your company’s devices, systems, and workloads.

Ensures the Integrity, Availability, and Accessibility of Data
IT is complex in nature, having multiple sites that hold your network and data storage such as: on-site, remote locations, and in the cloud server. Data protection and monitoring becomes more challenging when dealing with multiple storage locations. It also challenges the ability to access and availability to information easily. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure the same level of protection across all platforms.

Enables Business Resilience and Continuity
Safeguarding your business means having a comprehensive backup and BCDR plan. This plan secures the functioning of business operations and displays a business’ strength and resiliency against downtime and data loss events.

Prioritizes Critical Protection and Security Requirements Against Internal and External Risks
Backup and BCDR strategies are only effective if your company adopts vigilant practices of monitoring and the remediation of internal and external threats. Your business needs to be equipped with the proper tools that ensure constant monitoring and alerting to catch any disruption to the network and systems. 

Optimizes and Reduces Storage Needs and Costs Through Deduplication
Our species produces enormous amounts of data. Combined, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day. With the growth of the internet and social platforms, the amount of data created has grown exponentially. The downside to this is, with increasing the amount of content created is you must have a place to store it all, and that comes with a cost. From a business standpoint this can be expensive, however you can effectively clean up your file storage by eliminating duplicate items by deduplication. This will make sure there is no unnecessary data taking up valuable space.

Manages Visibility, Unauthorized Access and Fulfills Data Retention Requirements
Security is at upmost priority, and this means business data must not be accessible in the same way to everyone within the business walls. Granting permissions and placing restrictions to information is an important step in securing vital data. Only allowing each employee into the data necessary to completing their work prevents potential insider risks. Along with carefully and consciously controlling access to each individual, any unauthorized access must be detected immediately and urgently blocked. 

Secure your Business with Comprehensive Backup and BCDR

With the business world being full of fierce competition, it is crucial you stay on top and can recover quickly from data loss and business disruption. Do not let your competition capture your customers and profits from not being able to recover lost information and downtime. 
It is up to you to get the proper tools and solutions on your side that will promise your business can operate smoothly and be resilient in the face of chaos. 
If you are ready to adopt a comprehensive backup and BCDR strategy, now is the time to give us a call. We can take care of all your backup and BCDR needs leaving you feeling secure and confident that your data is safe and recoverable. 

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