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Downtime - The Real Cost

Last Updated: 7/10/2019


There is no doubt that downtime is bad for a company, but just how bad is it? Well, on average the cost of one minute of downtime is $5,600 for a small to medium-sized business. The number can become even larger for bigger companies. There are many ways that downtime can affect companies, but the five most common reasons are:

  1. Expensive reactive support costs
  2. Loss in productivity
  3. Missed business opportunities
  4. Tarnish to your brand
  5. Loss of critical data

In today’s business world, we are dependent on online communication and services. We use email, virtual chat software, task management systems, and even customer facing support systems. When a network crashes, it puts a halt on any productivity using technology. Employees could very well be left with nothing to do during those down times.

If your business, like most other modern-day businesses, run a large amount of your company online, then you have a high chance of missing out on opportunities. You won’t be able to interact with those customers, and customers won’t be able to make purchases or conduct business online. Fewer customers mean you receive less revenue. These missed opportunities can have a lasting effect on your business financially.


Your missed opportunities can also lead to brand and reputation damage. If customers consistently encounter server outages on your site, then they will eventually stop going there. They will also share their negative experiences with others. Bad word of mouth leaves doubts for new customers on whether they should trust your products or services.


Many companies have faced the nightmare of loss of data or security exposure after a server outage. Most service providers will backup data, but the loss of access to a network can have unpredictable consequences. You may come to find files that are damaged or corrupted or failure in your network’s security. These security failures give cybercriminals more of an opportunity to destroy or take ransom of your data. Even if your company’s data is securely backed up, customers can lose confidence in your reliability and begin seeking services elsewhere.

RCC Business IT offers backup services and disaster recovery in the event of hardware failure, malware attack, or any other disaster that takes out your primary system.

Remember, some businesses never come back from downtime caused by small and large disasters alike.  Your cost of downtime is excessive and just simply “isn’t an option” with RCC.

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