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Software Licensing Compliance for Businesses

Last Updated: 5/10/2018

Why Software Licensing Compliance is Such a Big Deal for Businesses These Days

Software licensing is a big deal these days, and businesses that run unlicensed software (even unintentionally) often get smacked with heavy fines. In fact, there are law firms that deal exclusively with software violation claims. This is understandable because, on average, the liability for a single licensing infringement is around $150,000 – a hefty fine even for large corporations, and a potentially devastating fine for small to medium-sized businesses. Think that there’s no way you could get caught? Think again. According to a recent survey from Technologent, 65% of business organizations were subject to a software license audit within the past year. And, among those companies, 23% were audited at least three times.

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The same survey reveals that at least 75% of companies polled feel that they might be in violation of vendor license agreements. This statistic indicates that a lot of businesses are at risk for software licensing compliance violations. It also serves as proof that companies can’t be too careful when it comes to software compliance monitoring. In fact, at RCC Business IT, we routinely help new clients navigate software compliance issues.

How RCC Business IT Helped a New Client with a Software Licensing Violation

Recently, a client of ours received several threatening letters from a law firm out of New York representing a software company. Unknowingly, this client was in violation of a software licensing agreement. And, even with legal aid and assistance from our team, they still had to pay a $79,000 settlement and an additional $86,000 for new licensing and equipment. Don’t let this happen to your business. Instead, make sure that you’re fully in compliance with all software licensing agreements by monitoring the software you use on a regular basis.

Contact RCC Business IT for Reliable Software License Compliance Monitoring

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At RCC Business IT, we offer MSP services that include continuous software license compliance monitoring. With this service, we can identify potential risks before software giants can take you to court and make you pay exorbitant fines for accidental violations. Having access to this type of insurance against expensive lawsuits can potentially save your company from financial ruin down the road. So, what are you waiting for? Contact RCC Business IT for more information about how to stay compliant with software licensing rules. We can also help your business with virtualization, cloud storage plans, backup disaster recovery, and helpdesk solutions.

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