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RocketFailover: Solutions

Last Updated: 12/26/2017

RocketFailover: An Internet Failover Solution


Why Do You Need RocketFailover?


Keep Your Business Up, Even When The Internet Goes Down

Not a computer expert? No problem! With RocketFailover you get extremely reliable Internet connectivity for business operations using high-speed 4G/LTE. RocketFailover provides automatic connection failover for critical business operations. With RocketFailover, even if your primary internet service fails, your business continues to operate reliably, allowing you to continue providing a seamless customer experience!


How Can RocketFailover Help Your Business?


Increase Uptime

Protect your business with increased uptime; eliminate an average of 6.7 days(160 hours) of internet downtime per year.


Customers Return

Provide seamless customer transactions. Don’t lose anymore customers due to a slow network or internet outages.

RocketFailover can help lockdown your spot in the marketplace. In today’s competitive markets, loyal customers can be worth up to 10 times more after their first purchase!


Grow Revenue

When consumers have a positive buying experience they return. Make sure you are providing quality buying experiences by avoiding internet outages. Positive buying experiences can result in a ROI in just over 1 month!


Rcc Business IT is an authorized RocketFailover reseller, IT MSP, and help desk solutions provider and can be contacted at (586) 752-5158 or by clicking HERE.


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