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Risks of Unsupported Software

Last Updated: 6/25/2019

Every software has a life cycle. It will be developed, released, updated, and at some point, a new version will be created, and the old version will no longer be supported. Many people ask why keeping unsupported software is a big problem. There are many issues that unsupported software issues can cause. Issues like:

  • Questions may be left unanswered
  • Vulnerabilities may be left unpatched causing data security issues
  • Conflicts and incompatibilities can occur with new software packages or environments
  • Your hardware may stop working
  • Any new functionalities won’t be added to the version you have
  • Data security can even be compromised by third parties

If your software is no longer supported, the company that produced it will no longer resolve issues or be able to answer questions about it. This poses an issue when you have an issue with the current software, and you can’t call the company about it any longer. This can also cause issues with functionality and vulnerabilities.

As technology advances, the software is becoming more and more complex. Throughout time, vulnerabilities are found by various parties. Once these vulnerabilities are reported, the software creator will fix them. Almost any software that you purchase these days will require updates in order to remain secure. If your software is no longer supported, fixes will no loner be created for these vulnerabilities and you’re far more susceptible to being hacked. This also causes major issues for your data security. Outdated software leaves you vulnerable to security breaches that can be open to compliance violations and even potential fines. 96% of outdated software has severe vulnerabilities that could pose major risks to an organization.

Not only will old software packages not be patched or updated, but they also may not even be compatible with newer software or hardware. This can cause another multitude of issues with losing functionality and possibly be unable to run altogether. It isn’t uncommon for a printer or other devices to stop working because they aren’t compatible with a new operating system. Unsupported drivers will need to be upgraded is needed.

By not updating your software, you will be missing out on new features and functions that could make your workflow more efficient. Technology advances for many reasons regarding security, but it also advances to make certain jobs a little easier. Having unsupported software could be keeping you from improving productivity.

It is important to remember not to just ensure that the software in your organization is up to date, but also outside sources and third parties. If you outsource and have a vendor managing critical data for your business or allow another organization to access your network using an outdated browser, you could be inadvertently exposing your own or your customer’s data. It is a risk that could have a catastrophic result on your business.

While you may not have to update the software every time a new version is released, it is important to make an informed decision. Contact RCC Business IT and talk to the professionals about whether you should upgrade or not. We are experts in keeping your systems secure, efficient, and functional.

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