Remote Work Is Here To Stay. Does Your Company Have What It Takes?

Published: 2021-01-11 in General


How many of you got that call at the beginning of the pandemic that you are going to be working remotely?

Unmanaged remote endpoints are one of the biggest risks to an organization’s cybersecurity posture today.

Don’t think of remote endpoints solely from the isolated ransomware/malware infection standpoint. Instead, think of them from a matrix perspective. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the company you work for have tools in place to protect my data while connected to my home network?
  • How do I access folders that are on my company’s network?
  • Do we do security audits?

It is evident to me that many companies were caught completely off guard when facing the reality of being unable to work from their corporate offices.

Many customers have no ability to manage their endpoints remotely without them being connected to the company VPN, or in many cases, are unable to manage them at all.

Our approach is to meet with business people who are happy with their current approach to technology.

We show them how to look at things in a different way. For example, we look at 4 key areas:

  • Performance
  • Functionality
  • Risk
  • Cost

Many times, we find that you may be out of alignment in one or more of these areas. Customers don’t always make changes immediately, but they all tell us that the knowledge and perspective were extremely valuable.

Here are a few solutions we have seen many of our customers using for remote productivity and connectivity:

  • IT Roadmaps
  • IT Audits
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • VPN:
  • Anti-Virus

When it comes to anything to do with endpoints or security this new reality of working remotely makes it necessary to start adopting solutions to manage your enterprise network.

RCC Business IT offers a free assessment of your network, IT Roadmap to predictably manage and upgrade the network over time to reduce cost and stay current with new technologies.

Would it be a waste of time to schedule a 15 min call?

For a quick rundown on what this means for securing your organization’s network, be sure to check out RCCBusinessIT