Don't Be Held Ransom(Ware)

Published 2020-11-23 In General

It looks like you have some troubles with your IT security. You go to access your files and a message appears across your screen that reads “All your files are now encrypted unless you pay a ransom”.

#BECYBERSMART – Do your part, FREE Resources!

Published 2020-10-07 In General

Welcome to October, National Cybersecurity Awareness Month! The IT Security posture of today, either through regulation or best practice, requires businesses to protect themselves from hackers, cybercrimes, viruses, malware, bots, and many other computers

Is Your Company Data Safe?

Published 2020-08-04 In General

Over the past few months, companies and staff members have shown incredible resilience as we all try to find footing in the new normal. The increased demand put on our technology and IT Departments have helped us all stay ahead of the curve. However, the

Critical Hardware Blowout Sale

Published 2020-07-06 In General

Times are understandably tough for businesses as safety measures have put some strain on financial health. In these times, we must prioritize savings while putting our staff and business in the best position possible. For this reason, RCC is emptying our

Is Your Technology In Good Shape?

Published 2020-06-07 In General

To no surprise, companies that have invested in technology are doing better than those who have not. Technology has been the stabilizing force in allowing businesses to keep their doors open in a time of mass transition to remote work.