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Your Business and Network Security

Last Updated: 2/12/2020

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Network security is your organization’s strategy that enables guaranteeing the security of its assets including all network traffic.  It includes both your software and hardware technologies. Access to the network is managed by effective network security, which targets a wide range of threats and then arrests them from spreading or entering in the network.

What can you do to protect your network?

Security Awareness Training
With the prevalence of security breaches, your organization is at a high level of risk, your employees are your biggest weakness and last line of defense! As technology is continually changing you can bet there is no cure-all class or seminar that will improve the abilities of your staff to recognize and protect your systems from threats they may encounter. Let the experts at RCC Business IT develop a Security Awareness Training solution that engages your staff to be more vigilant around threats! 

Environmental Monitoring
Environmental monitoring is a step in the right direction.  This means making sure your technology investments don’t overheat and become damaged. While we can monitor things like temperature and humidity, for example, it doesn’t just stop there. We also monitor doors for access control and among other things improve accountability for internal staff as well as prevent unauthorized access to your infrastructure that runs your business. Let the experts at RCC Business IT create an environmental monitoring solution that keeps things cool and the bad actors out!

Email Encryption
Every day millions of emails are delivered to inboxes like yours that have the potential to infect your systems or compromise the security of your accounts. What if you had a gatekeeper that filtered the good from the bad, reducing your chances of becoming compromised?  Even if your email solution is in the cloud, you can still protect it with a best in class email spam filtering service. Let the experts at RCC Business IT produce a right-sized solution to protect your business.  No matter how many mailboxes your business has, our solutions are built to be affordable and made to scale!

2-Factor Authentication
Passwords are compromised daily and critical systems like accounting solutions, banking websites and business systems are taken offline or denied access to your team and held hostage for payment by bad actors. With 2-factor authentication, you can add a necessary layer of protection to your critical business systems and protect your assets. Adding this layer reduces the likelihood of compromise by adding something you “have” or “are” to authenticate with.  Your security token is a necessary layer to preventing the next breach and keeping intact the company integrity and reputation you’ve worked so hard to build. It’s time to add the deadbolt to your computer's door!  Let the experts at RCC Business IT analyze and recommend a best-in-class 2-factor authentication security platform today.   

Security Assessment
Regulated companies are required to keep compliant and perform periodic assessments of IT security posture. Today’s threats are bigger than ever!  You owe it to yourself to take the right steps to ensure your business will be open tomorrow.  RCC begins with a review of your infrastructure, policies, and procedures producing an executive summary of risk. To mitigate, we can produce a roadmap with budgets to aid in navigating through remediation of security flaws at your organization. Let the experts at RCC Business IT pop the hood and see what those sounds are you’ve been hearing, or better yet expose what you don’t even see coming!

RCC creates solutions to suit your business needs in network security. We help you protect proprietary information from an attack, put measures in place to reduce the risk of phishing and provide a formal process for educating employees about computer security.

Network security is an important aspect of a company’s computer infrastructure and should be used to protect the usability and integrity of your network and data. At RCC, we combine multiple layers of defenses at the edge and in the network.

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