Is Your Home Office Ready for a Stay at Home Extension?

Published: 2020-04-05 in General


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Businesses have little choice but to be fluid and adapt to the changes forced upon society during this crisis. These changes don’t have to be costly or extensive, but they do have to be in line with best practices. To boost productivity, safety and efficiency at the home office we can turn to:

  • Secure remote access— Connect to your office securely
    • The uptick in Phishing attacks - “Hackers have started to capitalize on this situation by sending out emails that purport to offer health advice from reputable organizations such as governments  and the WHO but that are really phishing attacks”
    • Home networks pose fewer barriers to cyber-attacks than commercial offices- fewer security layers make VPN tunnel a necessity not a commodity
    • Fake coronavirus update sites designed to steal visitor’s information
    • AV protection is a necessity, home network security is a priority.
  • Extending Backup Solutions – Cloud and On-Premise
    • External Hard drives, make sure your files are stored in a safe place
    • Send system backups to external drive or cloud
    • Extra storage for large files until your able to hard store back onto the network
  • Home Office Essentials – Make the home office work
    • Extra monitors, double the screen space, double your efficiency!!
    • Keyboard and mouse upgrades
    • Speed up office performance and multitasking with needed system upgrades

There are many ways to make your remote work go smoothly. Let the experts at RCC help you make the adaptation simple and easy.

We can offer advice to aid you in making your home office more methodical and effective.

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