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Is Your Business Ready for Windows 7 End of Life

Last Updated: 11/4/2019

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Time is running out! Windows 7 Support is coming to an end on January 14, 2020, which means Microsoft will no longer be supporting, updating, patching or performing security updates on this operating system. However, that doesn’t mean Windows 7 will stop working on January 15th.  You can also continue to use Windows 7 in its End of Life state for as long as you want but it definitely doesn’t mean you should.  Read on to learn why you should move on with an upgrade.

With Ransomware still being a big issue, an unsupported 10-year-old operating system won’t keep you safe. Be sure to secure your network by replacing your end-of-life systems.

At RCC, we want to help you get your company on a path to the security you need. If you aren’t staying up to date on your workstations and software, you’re at risk of data loss and downtime, which will end up costing you money.

Running old software instead of upgrading may seem like a money-saving idea, but unfortunately, it’s slowing your company down with it’s lacking and outdated features. With unsupported technology, you will be forced to deal with slow software with increasing troubleshooting time. This often costs more money than the actual device upgrade itself.

Continuing to run Windows 7 is a risk to your company. When problems occur, it may cause downtime, it may even force you to upgrade to a new machine. The damage can also be great enough where you will lose your most critical data. Now that Windows 7 will run unsupported, no one running it is safe from new exploits like ransomware or other computer viruses that can destroy your device and steal your data.

The longer you wait moves your company one step closer to a catastrophic scenario. Ransomware, for example, is still taking cities, educational, and business networks down among others!

Don’t fall behind!  Replacing your end-of-life workstations is an easy step to keeping your environment secure. Take advantage of the ability to budget this change by planning your project ahead of time.

Contact RCC Business IT today at (888) 228-8101 to talk to our professionals about your Windows 7 upgrade. We can answer any questions you may have and also assist with keeping your company’s needs up-to-date.  You can also reach out to us on our contact form.

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