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Email Access Anywhere, Anytime on Any Device

Last Updated: 5/24/2016

Being constantly connected is a requirement for businesses today. RCC Business IT can help your business achieve this! We offer a service called Hosted Exchange, a program that has 24-7, in the office or on the go, email solutions. Our Hosted Exchange program goes above and beyond the duties of typical office email. Hosted Exchange offers constant availability; syncing of contacts, calendars, and tasks throughout departments; and compatibility with all devices.

Here’s what Hosted Exchange Can do for you:

Anywhere, Anytime Access!
With Hosted Exchange, users can access email 24-7 from any network. All mail servers are highly redundant both physically and across locations. In the event of a server failure, or if an entire data center goes down, your data is still available with the lowest chance of any data loss.

Data Retention Our Hosted Exchange gives you next to unlimited storage, unlike regular hosting sites which have data limits.

Full Device Synchronization With Hosted Exchange, we can sync all office devices to access email, contacts, calendars, and tasks on the go. You will also have access to your voicemail.  Hosted Exchange has full functionality and communication capabilities on mobile devices, making on the go email easy!

Easy Office Sharing Office communication has never been so easy! Hosted Exchange will save all of your contacts, tasks, meetings and calendar appointments in the cloud.   

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