Don't Be Held Ransom(Ware)

Published: 2020-11-23 in General


It looks like you have some troubles with your IT security.  You go to access your files and a message appears across your screen that reads “All your files are now encrypted unless you pay a ransom”.

Ransomware is malware that is leaked into a computer and employs encryption to hold a victim’s information at ransom. Hackers target small/medium size business because it is easier to get into the system with little to no security posture in place.

Have you gotten a security audit recently?

Do you have an IT Security Roadmap in place?

Unfortunately, if you have no viable backups and cannot locate a decryption key, your only option may be to cut your losses and start from scratch.

Rebuilding will not be a quick or inexpensive process, but once you’ve exhausted your other options, it’s the best you can do.

RCC Business IT leverages several technologies and tools that help prevent ransomware. Do not just protect your company’s data for yourself do it for your customers.

How to defend against ransomware

Back up your data/ Secure your backups


Network Health Assessment


Use Security software and keep it up to date.


Only use secure networks

Practice safe surfing.

Critical Equipment for Security

RCC Business IT Can Help You….

  • Isolate the infected device
  • Stop the spread
  • Assess the damages
  • Locate patient zero
  • Identify the ransomware
  • Report the ransomware to authorities
  • Research your decryption options

We have FREE resources available to you to improve your security posture! Contact us today so we can get them in your hands! If you are concerned about cybercrimes or want to increase your company’s network security, call RCC Business IT at 888-228-8101 or connect with us through the contact form on our website. 

We’ll quickly put you in touch with a technology expert who will answer your questions and address your concerns. We’ll also perform a FREE IT Audit for your business to give you a better idea of how we can keep your systems secure so that you can focus on your company’s goals. 


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