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365 Migration Pitfalls

Last Updated: 7/10/2018

365 Migration is a great choice for your business, unfortunately, companies that attempt this transition on their own often run into problems. However, you can avoid common mistakes and the resulting downtime by trusting RCC Business IT with your 365 Migration. In addition to computer solutions, network security, virus protection, and the best MSP services in Southeast Michigan, we can make your company’s 365 migration safe, quick, and seamless.

The Six Most Common Pitfalls of 365 Migration

Here are the six most common problems encountered by businesses who attempt 365 Migration without the help of a reputable computer expert from a company like RCC Business IT. These are issues that we’ve learned about through experience, and we make it our mission as IT experts to help our clients avoid these hassles.

1 – Not meeting prerequisites for hybrid deployments.

2 – Not signing up for the correct support plan.

3 – Making mistakes with data import that cause systems to come to a grinding halt.

4 – Not fully understanding the limitations of Exchange Online.

5 – Failing to factor in the complete cost of optional features.

6 – Making the wrong design decisions regarding on-premises vs. cloud storage.

These are just the most common pitfalls that can accompany 365 Migration, and there are other seemingly minor errors that can lead to big problems down the road. Yet, a highly skilled computer technician from RCC Web Media can deliver worry-free 365 Migration, as well as helpdesk solutions, virtual servers, wireless security, and more. We are the leading provider of MSP services because we’ve proven ourselves time and time again. See the difference for yourself when you call us for a FREE IT audit.

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