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Cloud Storage: Myth vs. Fact

Last Updated: 9/28/2018

Businesses of all sizes benefit from cloud storage. This type of storage involves third parties storing their data in virtualized pools of servers, providing strong protection for data backup. However, as popular as cloud storage has become, many business owners have misconceptions about how cloud storage works. There are also myths abounding about who should use cloud storage. At RCC Business IT, we provide the best in cloud backups Detroit, Troy, Romeo, and the surrounding areas. We also like to provide as much information as possible to business owners looking for cloud storage solutions and other managed IT services. So, here are a few cloud storage myths exposed and explained.

The Top 4 Myths about Cloud Storage Explained by the Computer Pros at RCC Business IT

Curious about cloud storage solutions? Before you make decisions about cloud backups for your business, check out the truth behind the myths listed below.

Myth: Cloud storage is only suitable for large companies.

Truth: RCC Business IT can customize cloud storage solutions for large, medium-sized, and small companies.

Myth: Cloud backups are incredibly complicated.

Truth: While you may not want to attempt cloud storage on your own, accessing data stored in clouds involves an easy process. And the IT experts at RCC Business IT will help you navigate your new system so that you can optimize your results.

Myth: There is absolutely no need for cloud storage.

Truth: Hard drive crashes and desktop issues can cause downtime that costs your company money.

Myth: With cloud storage you will never have any downtime.

Truth: With cloud backups, downtimes are rare, but they do occasionally happen. Yet, with 24/7 access to the computer technicians at RCC Business IT, you can get back up and running quickly. Just ask about the “business continuity” component of our MSP Service plans.

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