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Cloud Solutions and Why they can Help your Business

Last Updated: 10/18/2017

Have you implemented a plan to start utilizing the cloud?

The Cloud has many solutions to help your business including file backup, file storage, and file sharing.

Simply put, the Cloud has virtualized the infrastructure of business and is one of the greatest innovations for business in recent years.

Our team works with each client to lead them towards utilizing the various Cloud Solutions in the best possible way for their business. We know that there are countless ways to utilize the Cloud, and that each company will need to know which way will work best for them.


File Backup

Don’t lose your files forever! The cloud backup service ensures that you can locate your data from anywhere at any time. RCC can offer a variety of encryption technologies which will secure cloud backup images from prying eyes.

File Storage

Cloud file storage is important to protect your businesses unstructured data such as presentations, spreadsheets, and documents. Protect your businesses file storage today by implementing the cloud!

File Sharing

Cloud file sharing is great for small to medium sized businesses whom want to give their employees access to their files. RCC can ensure that your files are safe in your network while file sharing to protect from loss or theft.

We are known for providing the best cloud backup solutions in metro Detroit. We serve clients everyday whose businesses reside in Troy, Auburn Hills, Royal Oak, Sterling Heights, and other parts of Michigan.

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