Beware Voice Scams on The Rise

Published: 2021-01-10 in General


You’re working from home and your phone rings. You answer and the voice on the other end sounds like your unmistakable Manager. She asks you to wire over some money, so you do it right away. After all, why would you second-guess your boss?

A new threat technique is being used known as deepfake audio whereby scammers use AI software often opensource to clone the voice of key people within organizations.  From here things unravel.

Not a lot you can do to prevent your organization from being targeted. You can have a solid IT Roadmap in place that incorporates security posture and user risk prevention training.

RCC Business IT offers a Free IT Assessment to help create an IT Roadmap that will give you IT Goals to reach. This includes employee best practices because human error is the biggest security risk.

RCC Business IT focuses on areas to keep your organization secure. So, what can you do to prevent attacks like the voice scam?

Have an IT Roadmap/IT process in place? This includes the following:

  • Enable Multi-factor authorization – For financial transactions and handing over of information should have a set process in place and in the right channels. In voice scams transfer within internal systems that require password auth will prevent bad actors from over the phone financial gain.
  • Employee training (Rules apply to everyone) – Security policies and processes for purchases are uniform across the organization.
  • Have you gotten a security audit recently?
  • Do you have an IT Security Roadmap in place?

Remote working is here to stay. For a quick rundown on what this means for securing your organization’s network, be sure to check out RCCBusinessIT