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3 Simple Ways Managed IT Services Can Help Grow Your Small Business

Last Updated: 11/9/2017


3 Simple Ways Managed IT Services Can Help Grow Your
Small Business

For a fast, efficient, and affordable solution to your IT needs, consider Managed IT Services. So what can
an MSP provide your small business to foster growth and success?



MSP's Can Save Your Time And Energy

Time is one thing people never seem to have enough of. With a good MSP you can have more time to run
your small business.

As a small business owner, you’re probably working hard and performing multiple roles in order to keep
your business afloat, leaving very little time for you to do the things that got you passionate about starting
your business in the first place.

By using an MSP, you can stop worrying about IT support and rest easy knowing that your networks will
be running smoothly. Having safe, secure, and reliable IT means you have more time to make sales,
manufacture product, or market your company and do the things that will insure your small business
will achieve big things.



Having Managed IT Services Can Save You Money


According to the MSP Alliance: "MSP reduces downtime by 20 hours (50%), if employee costs $30/hr,
contributes $100/hr to revenue, at 10 employees, and employees are only 40% effective during downtime
for example. This means $780/hr downtime and $15,600 @ 20 hours saved."

So not only can hiring an MSP to take care of your IT services and give you more time to grow your small
business, it can also cut costs and unnecessary expenditures by providing IT systems and services that
you can rely on. This gives you more cash to take care of the things your business needs and accelerate
its growth.



Having Managed IT Services Means A Fast And Secure Network For Your Business
Not only can hiring an MSP be a cost effective, time saving solution to help your small business reach its
maximum growth, it can also provide A+ network security and health.

This makes sure that your business will not experience the speed bumps that some of your competitors
may hit that will slow them down.

With fast, secure networks and systems your business can grow and expand and give you an edge in
areas that others struggle with.

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