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Your Software in 2020

Last Updated: 12/4/2019

We're days away from 2020, the next decade.  The number itself has a nice sound to it.  As we ring in the new year, we say goodbye to 2019 and welcome 2020 with hope for our good wishes and of course a successful business year.  We certainly don't want to start out January with software issues and downtime.  You most likely have heard by now that support for Windows 7 operating systems ends in January 2020.  What does this mean for the software applications that run your company?

Several solution providers have already announced that their new software versions will not be supported on Windows 7 systems, including SolidWorks and Adobe Creative Cloud. Several other companies are expected to make similar announcements before the end of the quarter due to the security risks that an unsupported Windows 7 will present.

What will happen to your current software? To assist with your migration planning Microsoft has provided a tool for public use to check for compatibility status of current software to Windows 10. The software to consider checking can range from Accounting solutions, Production software, Anti-Virus, VPN Software, and many others.

With the Windows 10 Compatibility Check, you simply enter the name the software and the search results will show all versions of the questioned software and its compatibility status. If you cannot find your software on the list, it does not necessarily mean it is unsupported, the company has not officially released any compatibility data and will need to reach out directly.

At RCC Business IT, we help you to stay informed as to avoid any unnecessary downtime or security risks. 

We also want to assure you that there is still have time to plan for a smooth transition to the right solution for your company.  We're here to help you start the new year right!

Contact us at (888) 228-8101 to talk to the professionals about your software support moving forward with Windows 10.  We can answer any questions you may have and assist you with the planning and implementation of ideal solutions designed to suit your company goals.



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