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08 Mar 2021

US Manufacturing Activity Jumps to 3-Year High

The Institute for Supply Management reported Monday that its gauge of manufacturing activity rose to a reading of 60.8% last month. Many Manufacturing companies are increasing revenue by getting NIST and CMMC compliant.

18 Feb 2021

Which Messaging App Is Safe?

Earlier this year, WhatsApp caused a stir when it announced that users would soon have to share data with Facebook as part of a new privacy agreement. Messaging apps like WhatsApp, iMessenger, and Signal use encryption which means data traveling across the platform is end-to-end encrypted and secure.

02 Feb 2021

Remote Work Is Here To Stay. Does Your Company Have What It Takes?

How many of you got that call at the beginning of the pandemic that you are going to be working remotely? Unmanaged remote endpoints are one of the biggest risks to an organization’s cybersecurity posture today.

11 Jan 2021

Beware Voice Scams on The Rise

You’re working from home and your phone rings. You answer and the voice on the other end sounds like your unmistakable Manager. She asks you to wire over some money, so you do it right away. After all, why would you second-guess your boss? A new threat technique is being used known as deepfake audio whereby scammers use AI software often opensource to clone the voice of key people within organizations. From here things unravel.

16 Dec 2020

WFH Security Breaches

Cybercriminals have been quick to take advantage of the security gaps linked to WFH. These include improperly secured VPNs, cloud-based services, and business email. Before putting new technology to work within your organization, you should thoroughly vet its reputation and suitability. You also need to make sure it’s properly configured and patched so that any backdoor vulnerabilities are closed off. Have you gotten a security audit recently? Do you have an IT Security Roadmap in place? Remote working is here to stay. For a quick rundown on what this means for securing your organization’s network, be sure to check out RCCBusinessIT.

24 Nov 2020

Don't Be Held Ransom(Ware)

It looks like you have some troubles with your IT security. You go to access your files and a message appears across your screen that reads “All your files are now encrypted unless you pay a ransom”. Ransomware is malware that is leaked into a computer and employs encryption to hold a victim’s information at ransom. Hackers target small/medium size business because it is easier to get into the system with little to no security posture in place.

07 Oct 2020

#BECYBERSMART – Do your part, FREE Resources!

Welcome to October, National Cybersecurity Awareness Month! The IT Security posture of today, either through regulation or best practice, requires businesses to protect themselves from hackers, cybercrimes, viruses, malware, bots, and many other computer issues. These happenings can slow down or stop your business from running smoothly.

04 Aug 2020

Is Your Company Data Safe?

Over the past few months, companies and staff members have shown incredible resilience as we all try to find footing in the new normal. The increased demand put on our technology and IT Departments have helped us all stay ahead of the curve. However, the reliance on our technology has also opened up the flood gates for cyber-attackers.

06 Jul 2020

Critical Hardware Blowout Sale

Times are understandably tough for businesses as safety measures have put some strain on financial health. In these times, we must prioritize savings while putting our staff and business in the best position possible. For this reason, RCC is emptying our shelves and passing the savings onto our community in our BIGGEST SALE EVER!!

08 Jun 2020

Is Your Technology In Good Shape?

To no surprise, companies that have invested in technology are doing better than those who have not. Technology has been the stabilizing force in allowing businesses to keep their doors open in a time of mass transition to remote work, and distancing between our operations and customers. With no end in sight, we must adapt to the needs of the business in order to keep our staff and finances in good health. However, another area we must not overlook is the health of our technology.

19 May 2020

Struggling with Your Remote Setup? RCC is Here to Help!

Coronavirus has changed the way we do business. The tie between your technology and your staff has never been closer and we now find ourselves in a new era. Faster than ever, we must adapt to the landscape to keep our business as healthy as our people.

12 May 2020

Boost Productivity with RCC Business IT's Executive Class Home Office Bundle!

Boost Productivity with RCC Business IT's Executive Class Home Office Bundle! Having the right setup for your office is essential. Are you tired of staring at a tiny screen? Tired of experiencing issues with your outdated laptop? And tired of saving your files on multiple USB drives? RCC has created an All- in- One bundle to upgrade your home office into an efficient, secure, and sleek business suite.

06 Apr 2020

Is Your Home Office Ready for a Stay at Home Extension?

Businesses have little choice but to be fluid and adapt to the changes forced upon society during this crisis. These changes don’t have to be costly or extensive, but they do have to be in line with best practices.

04 Mar 2020

World News from an IT perspective

The global economy is taking a hit right now due to the presence of an unprecedented virus. The coronavirus is causing global giants such as Apple, McDonald's, and Hyundai Motors to close their doors for fear of contagion and thus causing a loss of business—harshly impacting their bottom line for Quarter 1 of the new year. This disruption of continuity not only impacts production and the supply chain but reaches farther into creating uncertainty both internally (employees) as well as externally (clients). This uncertainty then, in turn, has customers and businesses looking elsewhere to ensure that their business continues to run efficiently.

12 Feb 2020

Your Business and Network Security

Network security is your organization’s strategy that enables guaranteeing the security of its assets including all network traffic. It includes both your software and hardware technologies. Access to the network is managed by effective network security, which targets a wide range of threats and then arrests them from spreading or entering in the network. What can you do to protect your network?

13 Jan 2020

What You Need To Know About Windows 7 End of Life

Windows 7 is finally END OF LIFE. What does this mean for you and your business? Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows 7, which means unless you get your workspace up to date, your company will be vulnerable due to security exploits, bugs, and software breakdown.

30 Dec 2019

Your 2020 Business Technology Strategy

Preparing your 2020 business technology strategy can be an overwhelming task but will prove to be rewarding if done right. You certainly won’t want to muddle through 2020 with unexpected expenses due to faulty technology such as old devices and incompatible or outdated software.

04 Dec 2019

Your Software in 2020

We’re days away from 2020, the next decade. The number itself has a nice sound to it. As we ring in the new year, we say goodbye to 2019 and welcome 2020 with hope for our good wishes and of course a successful business year. We certainly don’t want to start out January with software issues and downtime. You most likely have heard by now that support for Windows 7 operating systems ends in January 2020. What does this mean for the software applications that run your company?

13 Nov 2019

VoIP E911 Compliance

On February 16th, 2018, Kari’s Law was signed into a federal law. It was named after Kari Hunt Dunn, who was stabbed multiple times in a hotel room by her estranged husband as her children watched. Her then-9-year-old daughter repeatedly dialed 911 but was unable to reach emergency responders because the hotel’s phone system required guests to dial “9” before any outgoing calls could be made.

04 Nov 2019

Is Your Business Ready for Windows 7 End of Life

Time is running out! Windows 7 Support is coming to an end on January 14, 2020, which means Microsoft will no longer be supporting, updating, patching or performing security updates on this operating system. However, that doesn’t mean Windows 7 will stop working on January 15th. You can also continue to use Windows 7 in its End of Life state for as long as you want but it definitely doesn’t mean you should. Read on to learn why you should move on with an upgrade.

14 Oct 2019

Qual IT y Support

Have you experienced problems with a device that you were unable to fix alone? Do you dread picking up the phone to call your IT Support? Is the team that supports your network ready to get the job done? When you are already frustrated and stressed with technology issues, the last thing you need is to add an extra layer of irritation to your existing problem. You should feel assured that your IT company will be there for you and work quickly to resolve your issues.

30 Sep 2019

Technology Purchases, Cheaper is not always Better

Many businesses search for the most economical solutions in their purchasing efforts. Sometimes they choose to go with the least expensive computer-related products they can find. Buying the cheapest technology, including servers and networking equipment, often leads to hidden costs. Maintaining your computer systems on a tight budget has its price too!

03 Sep 2019

Downtime Overhead and Data Loss

As you have seen, technology is constantly changing and falling behind can mean trouble for your business. How does your company align with the best practices, standards, and policies? Are you using a technology roadmap? Are you sure your IT procedures are protecting your business properly? If you are using old or misconfigured equipment you are at risk of major data loss and downtime ultimately hurting production which could lead to your business going under.

20 Aug 2019

RCC IT PC Refresh

Is it time to upgrade your PCs? As a business owner, you have a lot going on every single day. You manage your employees, create positive customer experiences, juggle payroll and other expenses, and much more. So, it is understandable if you have not seen the importance of updating your computers in a while. However, if your computers are older than 4 years, there are several reasons to bring updated computer solutions to your company.

04 Aug 2019

What does 2020 mean to your Business Critical Applications

As you may know, support for Windows 7 operating systems ends on January 2020, so what does this mean for the software applications that run your company?

19 Jul 2019

Practices To Stay Safe Online

With the growing presence and sophistication of online threats like viruses, ransomware, and phishing scams, it’s important to have the right protection. Office 365 gives you advanced security tools to help keep your information secure and private.

10 Jul 2019

Downtime - The Real Cost

There is no doubt that downtime is bad for a company, but just how bad is it? Well, on average the cost of one minute of downtime is $5,600 for a small to medium-sized business. The number can become even larger for bigger companies.

25 Jun 2019

Risks of Unsupported Software

Every software has a life cycle. It will be developed, released, updated, and at some point, a new version will be created, and the old version will no longer be supported. Many people ask why keeping unsupported software is a big problem ..

30 Nov 2018

Schedule a FREE Post-Holiday IT Audit with RCC Business IT

Extra web traffic and increased system use can lead to potential problems – with either security or operations. Yet, right now, the computer experts at RCC Business IT are offering FREE IT Audits. We can quickly and efficiently review your systems and let you know if anything needs attention and/or updates.

27 Nov 2018

Tips on Navigating Security Issues with the Internet of Things

At RCC Business IT, we provide the very best in firewall protection and network security, and we work hard to find innovative solutions to new potential problems.

31 Oct 2018

Reduce Holiday Stress with the Best Helpdesk Solutions from RCC Business IT

You need your computer systems to run smoothly and reliably, and RCC Business IT can help. In addition to MSP Solutions (including business continuity and backup disaster recovery) we provide unlimited helpdesk solutions.

01 Oct 2018

Get PC Refresh from RCC Business IT

At RCC Business IT, we are known for providing the best MSP Services to businesses throughout Southeast Michigan. In addition, we offer PC Refresh with top-of-the-line laptops and PCs from companies like Dell.

28 Sep 2018

Cloud Storage: Myth vs. Fact

At RCC Business IT, we provide the best in cloud backups Detroit, Troy, Romeo, and the surrounding areas. We also like to provide as much information as possible to business owners looking for cloud storage solutions and other managed IT services.

29 Aug 2018

The Current Top Trends in MSP Services

RCC Business IT keeps up with the current trends in MSP Services. We strive to be the managed service provider of choice for business owners in Romeo, Troy, Washington, Clinton Township, and throughout the surrounding areas in Southeast Michigan.

24 Aug 2018

Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Managed Service Provider

Contact RCC Business IT to take the guesswork out of helpdesk solutions, cloud backups, virus protection, business continuity, and more.

19 Jul 2018

Choosing the Best IT Service for Helpdesk Solutions

There are numerous benefits that come with hiring a reputable IT company to provide helpdesk solutions for your business. But how do you know what to look for in a service? Here are a few valuable tips from RCC Business IT.

17 Jul 2018

10 Reasons Your Business Needs MSP Reason 10

At RCC Business IT, we’ve spent years hiring and developing the best IT professionals in the field. In fact, all combined, the RCC team boasts over 100 years of experience. And when you sign up for our MSP services, our team becomes your team.

10 Jul 2018

365 Migration Pitfalls

Here are the six most common problems encountered by businesses who attempt 365 Migration without the help of a reputable computer expert from a company like RCC Business IT. These are issues that we’ve learned about through experience, and we make it our mission as IT experts to help our clients avoid these hassles.

05 Jul 2018

10 Reasons Your Business Needs MSP Reason 9

As the premier managed service provider in Southeast Michigan, we provide the best in secure remote access, technology alignment, systems security, cloud migration, assistance with software licensing compliance, helpdesk solutions, and more. In addition, your MSP plan comes with two qualified experts – a dedicated NETADMIN and a Virtual CIO.

20 Jun 2018

Why RCC Business IT Offers the Best VPN Michigan

An effective VPN encrypts information that is transmitted between any device and your corporate network, providing secure remote access from anywhere. And RCC Business IT provides the best VPN business solutions.

05 Jun 2018

10 Reasons Your Business Needs MSP Reason 8

Is cloud migration right for your company? RCC Business IT can help you decide, then provide the best cloud BDR Romeo, cloud backups Detroit, and cloud storage solutions throughout Southeast Michigan.

31 May 2018

10 Reasons Your Business Needs MSP Reason 7

Every MSP plan from RCC Business IT also includes noticeable improvements to performance. For example, we will evaluate your computers, servers, and networks to find small fixes that will lead to big results. We check servers, workstations, networking capabilities, and internet bandwidth to make sure that your systems are running as efficiently as possible.

10 May 2018

Software Licensing Compliance for Businesses

Software licensing is a big deal these days, and businesses that run unlicensed software (even unintentionally) often get smacked with heavy fines. In fact, there are law firms that deal exclusively in software violation claims. This is understandable because, on average, the liability for a single licensing infringement is around $150,000 – a hefty fine even for large corporations, and a potentially devastating fine for small to medium-sized businesses.

04 May 2018

10 Reasons Your Business Needs MSP Reason 6

In addition to combining your computer systems, with your MSP Service plan, RCC Business IT will make it easy for you manage your systems remotely. This makes it easier to handle both everyday applications and emergency situations.

19 Apr 2018

10 Reasons Your Business Needs MSP Reason 5

MSP services from RCC Business IT come with a critical list of network security services. These include server and workstation patch management, as well as firewall implementation and monitoring. As a Michigan business owner, you’ll also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with state-of-the-art anti-virus and anti-malware protection, including Cisco Umbrella.

16 Apr 2018

10 Reasons Your Business Needs MSP Reason 4

With a business continuity plan from RCC Business IT, you can count on minimal downtime and recovered data during and after a catastrophic event. Your business continuity plan is just one feature out of many included with your Managed Service Provider (MSP) Plan from RCC Business IT.

10 Apr 2018

10 Reasons Your Business Needs MSP Reason 3

RCC Business IT offers the best MSP Services in Southeast Michigan. Find out why your team should team up with RCC Business IT to promote Technology Alignment, increase network security and wireless security, optimize your technology budget, and eliminate reactive issues.

27 Mar 2018

10 Reasons Your Business Needs MSP Reason 2

Find out why having Secure Remote Access is essential for your business and what hiring a Managed Service Provider can do to help grow your company.

21 Feb 2018

10 Reasons Your Business Needs MSP Reason 1

Reason number 1 of the 10 reasons your business needs MSP. Find out about software license compliance and why non-compliance can cost your business over $150,000!

22 Jan 2018

Your Business IT Services Needs

What Can Professional IT Services Provide Your Business? IT Audits, IT Security Consulting And More!

26 Dec 2017

RocketFailover: Solutions

RocketFailover can help your business and provide reliable internet failover solutions.

09 Nov 2017

3 Simple Ways Managed IT Services Can Help Grow Your Small Business

What hiring a Managed IT Service Provider can do to help grow your small business.

18 Oct 2017

Cloud Solutions and Why they can Help your Business

Have you implemented a plan to start utilizing the cloud? The Cloud has many solutions to help your business including file backup, file storage, and file sharing.

25 Sep 2017

Back To School PC Protection Tips

If you or your kids just started back at school, we have some tips to protect your PC and information.

18 Aug 2017

Get a free IT Consultation from Us

No obligations, we just want to show you how we can help!

20 Jul 2017

Top Benefits of Having a Help Desk

Why does your company need an IT help desk? Read on to find out!

20 Jun 2017

Top 3 Reasons Why a Valued IT Provider Can Help Your Business

Having an IT service on call can really add value to your business. Here are a few reasons why!

22 May 2017

World Class IT Service

Why do you need to pay for it?

26 Apr 2017

5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your PC

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home, your computers could use some TLC too!

03 Apr 2017

Time is Running Out of Exchange 2007!

Exchange 2007's support cycle is about to end. Time to upgrade!

27 Jun 2016

Does Your Business Need MSP? The Correct Answer is, YES!

Managed IT Services are essential for all businesses. And here’s why!

24 May 2016

Email Access Anywhere, Anytime on Any Device

Being constantly connected is a requirement for businesses today. RCC Business IT can help your business achieve this! We offer a service called Hosted Exchange, a program that gives you 24-7, in the office or on the go, email solutions.

14 Apr 2016

RCC Introduces Webroot in All Inclusive MSP Plan

See why Webroot is at the top of it’s class in antivirus software!

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