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Hewlett Packard - Enterprise Servers Logo

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) provides fast and flexible enterprise level solutions that are compatible with traditional and cloud based infrastructures. As an HPE partner RCC Business IT has access to a vast array of enterprise level servers, data storage, networking options and software solutions.

Lenovo (Servers) Logo

As a Lenovo Business Partner RCC Business IT has access to some of the world’s most scalable solution for every business size, type and budget. Lenovo is investing in the areas of invisible infrastructure and agile cloud solutions to provide all in one data center solutions.

Dell Inc. Logo

RCC Business IT is a Registered Dell Partner and therefore we provide the latest Dell products and services to our clients and customers. With Dells partner, rather than compete structure, they are bringing unique solutions to the marketplace. Also as a Dell Partner; we access Dell support services and resources at a Partner level, which means that we can help you resolve any issues you may have with your Dell equipment.

Storagecraft Logo

Many companies offer cloud-based backup solutions, but most protect data files only. A Backup and Disaster Recovery solution from RCC Business IT powered by Storagecraft, provides complete Offline Virtual Machine Backups of your entire critical systems. Should the worst happen we can boot your server in our data center ensuring business continuity.

Intel Logo

RCC Business IT is proudly an Intel gold partner. Intel prides it’s self on providing Right Business Solutions, Secure Technology, and Cutting Edge solutions, much like RCC Business IT.

Exablox Logo

Exablox provides cloud managed scalable storage solutions that are built to work with RCC Business IT’s Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution powered by Storagecraft.

3CX Logo
Lenovo (PCs/Notebooks) Logo
Hewlett Packard (HP) Logo
Dell (PCs/Notebooks) Logo
Webroot Logo
Netgear Logo
Veritas Logo
Samsung Logo
Ubiquiti Logo
Digium Logo
Backblaze Logo
Barracuda Logo
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