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RCC Business IT: Vision and Mission

Smarter Solutions, Best Practices, Proven Results

RCC Business IT strongly believes in our clients’ success.

Our Vision

Through the following vision directives, RCC Business IT will have a competitive advantage:

  • RCC Business IT will be market-driven, efficient, and profitable
  • RCC Business IT will grow with new opportunities and be the leader in the market, being the first and best choice for its customers
  • RCC Business IT will provide industry-leading solutions that are innovative are value-added, and of the highest quality

Our Mission

As a technology company serving our customers since 1994, RCC Business IT is dedicated to leading the way in customer satisfaction and becoming a market leader through:

  • The positive attitude and commitment which invigorates a high-energy team
  • The commitment to constant training and education for its people
  • The highest quality best-of-breed technology solutions
  • The exceeding of customer expectations every time
  • The following of the Golden Rule in the treatment of customers and co-workers every day

Romeo Computer Company, Inc., has serviced the needs of business customers for years by providing best-in-class services 24 hours a day . . . every day. We are committed to you.

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