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RCC Business IT: Our Team

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The team at RCC Business IT is our most important company asset. As the needs of our company have grown, so has our team of certified, knowledgeable, and helpful members. Each member has his or her own strengths, interests and knowledge base. There is not a mold for our team members to fit into. Instead, they work alongside each other to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

We hold our in-house techs to the same standards as our field techs. Our entire team is supported and complemented by management and sales staff. Everyone at RCC Business IT holds onto the company vision and works to provide the best solutions for our customers.


Steve Eaton

Steve Eaton

President / Founder

The President and Founder of RCC Business IT has worked hard over the years to not only create a reliable company for customers, but to also create workplace culture which makes people want to get up for work. He becomes invigorated by both the drive of the company and by sharing a laugh with his team members. Steve is a renowned audiophile and race fan.

Colette Kaiser

Colette Kaiser

Office Manager

With the company since 2013, Colette is the Office Manager and is happy that she is employed by a company which works with variously-sized business, yet still has a warm, down home feel. Her upbeat personality has helped to define the company culture for both the customers and her coworkers. When not at work, she likes to kick back with a good book.

Charles Moran

Charles Moran

Sales Manager

The RCC Business IT Sales Manager started with the company in 2013 and strives in the high-energy culture of the company. The fact that the company drives and nurtures the growth of its employees is something which makes Charles proud. When he is not driving the company culture or fishing for clients, he is driving golf balls and fishing.

Joe Kaiser

Joe Kaiser

IT Service Manager

Joe is the IT Service Manager and likes to relax outside when not at work. He has been with the company since 2011 and is drawn to how RCC Business IT assigns tasks based on the workers strengths while helping them grow in other areas. He is a reliable and dependable member of the team who constantly pushes himself, and guides others, to the next level.

Bob Harvey

Bob Harvey

IT/SQL Specialist

With the company since 2013, Bob is part of the IT team for general support, SQL specialist and also a web developer for our sister company RCC Web Media. He has a dog, a Chinese Crested Hairless, likes to record bands using Digital Audio Workstations and on the weekends you can find him watching football or golfing.

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