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RCC Business IT - Virtual Servers and Private Networks

Virtualization Solutions Provided by RCC Business IT

Simplicity and Speed

All virtualization is not created equal. At RCC Business IT, we work to ensure that your infrastructure allows for the highest ROI by reducing the overall IT overhead and complexity while increaseing connectivity and providing Secure Remote Access.

By virtualizing your computer system and granting remote access, we are able to lower your overall systems' costs by making your system more efficient and giving your resources higher availability. By having maximum server utilization and secure remote access, you are able to run multiple operating systems and applications through the same computer. You can consolidate hardware to receive vastly higher productivity. By maximizing uptime, many companies save 50% or more on their overall IT costs.

At RCC Business IT, we will analyze your infrastructure to make sure you have the right hardware, then implement an architecture that redefines the computing equation and delivers secure remote connectivity. Remember, all virtualization is not created equal. Choosing the right vendor can make a considerable difference. RCC will achieve maximum agility, efficiency, and security with the highest ROI and the most substantial reductions in IT overhead and complexity.

Contact RCC Business IT today to see how we can speed up and simplify your IT management, maintenance, while lowering your costs.

Need a Virtual Private Network (VPN)? Give us a call, we have set up VPNs for many corporations, both big and small. If you need a VPN for your business look no further than RCC Business IT.

We are known for providing the best IT and VPN solutions in metro Detroit. We serve clients everyday whose businesses reside in Troy, Auburn Hills, Royal Oak, Sterling Heights, and other parts of Michigan.