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World Class
Threat Protection

Stop Global Threats

before they get into your network.

User Productivity

Increase user Productivity

Monitor, document & control access.

Low Cost
High Return

only $2.20 per user*

*typical per month cost for a 100 user network.

Cisco Umbrella protects users on any device, anywhere.

Cisco Umbrella leverages big data analytics and real-time algorithmic learning machine while processing over one million events per second. This 2% cross section of the world's Internet activity enables Cisco Umbrella to predict and prevent attacks. It protects users on- and off-network, across any port, protocol, or app. And because Umbrella is delivered via the cloud, it is lightining-fast and easily scalable. It is superior protection for your business.

OpenDNS has been trusted by global brands and SMBs alike to provide coverage wherever users may roam. We extend protection to roaming devices and deliver enterprise-grade security to users on and off your networks, to protect against threats that firewalls and antivirus miss. It is far better to prevent these events than to solve them after the fact.



  • Malware
  • Compromised Mobile Devices
  • Phishing Schemes
  • Ransomware


  • 70+ Million Users Worldwide
  • 160 Countries
  • 40 Billion daily requests
  • 80 Million malicious requests blocked each day
  • 84 GB of raw DNS logs analyzed on a daily basis
  • 5.5+ TB of logs and analytics data backing up the umbrella*
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