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Office 365

Whether you're working in your office or on the go, you get a familiar top-of-the-line set of productivity tools. Office applications - always the latest versions - let you create, edit, and share from your PC/Mac or your iOS, Android™, or Windows device with anyone in real time.
With Office 365 you can:

  • Work on your documents on your mobile devices
  • Collaborate in real-time
  • Easily back-up important documents
  • Automate software upgrades and security patches
  • 24/7 web/phone support

    Although Exchange 2007 was revolutionary at the time, the technology landscape is constantly evolving. If your business is still running Exchange 2007, its support cycle is about to end. Upgrading to Office 365, which includes Exchange Online*, ensures your email continues functioning and provides you with new opportunities to innovate.

    *Exchange online is not included with Office 365 Business or Office 365 Pro Plus.


While your organization will still be able to use Exchange 2007 beyond April 11, 2017, choosing not to upgrade before the deadline means you will no longer be eligible for ongoing security, performance, and compatibility patches.

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