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RCC Business IT: Managed Services Provider

Managed Services Solutions Provided by RCC Business IT

Why Do You Need Managed IT Services?

Simply put, if you have outgrown your current IT provider or your network is running slow, your employees cannot deliver the results your company needs. If this sounds like your business you will benefit from Professional IT Services. Utilizing a Managed Service Provider allows for the ability to predict costly network issues and computer repairs before they occur. It is far less costly to do a repair on a schedule than it is after something goes wrong and your employees suddenly can't be productive for a period of time.

System failures and downtime can be costly. Your business loses revenue and the failure can lead to other costly problems. RCC Business IT is an IT Provider that sniffs out potential issues with both your physical network and your wireless security before they cause you headaches and worry. We resolve potential issues before they impact your company’s efficiency and business continuity using our MSP services. If you wait until there is a problem, or for something to “break,” you’ve already lost valuable time. Allow us to work with the overall health of your network so the uptime of your network and systems can be increased. Increase network health and security can help prevent cyber-attacks, ransomware and a host of other problems. We'll even offer a Free Network Consultation to get you started.

Some benefits of managed IT services in Metro Detroit:

• Proactivity vs. Break/Fix for Increased Uptime

• Increased Network Health

• Server Room Monitoring

Increased Network Security

• Improved Productivity

• Various Cost Benefits

• Identify/Eliminate Hidden Costs

• Executive Reporting

• In-Depth Reporting and Analytics

• RCC 24/7 Helpdesk Solutions

RCC is not just another IT company. We analyze your business needs, help make improvements to your infrastructure to increase productivity, and help you create a roadmap for future growth. We become invested in your success.

(MSP Alliance stated -  "MSP reduces downtime by 20 hours (50%), if employee costs $30/hr., contributes $100/hr. to revenue, at 10 employees, and employees are only 40% effective during downtime for example. This means $780/hr. downtime and $15,600 @ 20 hours saved.")


Benefits of a Managed Service Provider Program with RCC Business IT

Improved Network Health Increases Productivity

• RCC Business IT can remotely access and address potential failure points before they become critical issues.

• Automated management of critical security patches improves stability and efficiency


Improved Speed of Remediation Reduces Downtime

• Automated addressing of systems-generated alerts before they become problems

• 24x7 monitoring improves response time to issues and ensures we know first

• When an onsite visit is required, automatic alerts guarantee a rapid response


Reduced Vulnerabilities Increases Security

• Security monitoring provides alerts on attempted network access by unauthorized users, helping prevent cyber theft, cyber-attacks and ransomware vulnerabilities

• Ban or Block high-bandwidth usage games or programs for employees

• Monitor and manage anti-virus and spyware programs


Reduced Support Cost Increases Profitability

• Network support costs can now be accurately budgeted

• Unlimited remote help desk support

• Monthly network performance reports


Network Security

It’s common knowledge that network security breaches occur. A lot of time and money can be lost when a server crashes or becomes compromised; including the loss of productivity, and the loss of data. On top of that, there are new types of spyware, malware, ransomware and viruses emerging every day. Your network can become diseased in a hurry. Not sure how secure your business network is? Take a look at our Free It Audit offer. We will check your network's health and vulnerabilities, as well as any wireless security issues absolutely free. We take network security seriously!

RCC Business IT MSP Services | Managed IT Services Michigan

At RCC Business IT, we take a proactive approach to minimizing Network Security problems. We use multiple types of award-winning software and services to ensure that your network has the very best protection available. This is where we take the hassles and headaches out of your networks so you can focus on your business. You never have to worry about your private business information becoming public knowledge. We’ll put a comprehensive security plan in place and recommend the right technology tools to safeguard your network. From firewall installation to intrusion detection services - we will ensure your network resources are impenetrable.

We are known for providing the best Managed Service Provider (MSP) solutions in metro Detroit. We serve clients everyday whose businesses reside in Troy, Auburn Hills, Royal Oak, Sterling Heights, and other parts of Michigan. If you are looking for managed IT services in Michigan, give us a call and take advantage of our free network audit. It will bring you peace of mind.

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